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BIM is the acronym for Building Information Modeling. It is a newest and highly recommended and mandated process to ensure the execution of BIM projects with proper planning, designing, and constructing of the building in a comprehensive, collaborative, and effective manner. In this era of the 21st century the process is allowing numerous stakeholders and AEC professionals to collaborate in one flow and to get the complete idea of the building within one 3D model. Even here the data can be accessed by the owner to have a check on its operational and managerial details of the building. We at CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading BIM Outsourcing Company that delivers customer oriented BIM CAD Services to its clients globally.

The industry here provides full-fledged services that are included in BIM and the piece of data that is being shared by the owners and stakeholders allows them to make decisions based on the derived information from the model, even after the construction of the building is done. This data allows owners and stakeholders to make decisions based on pertinent information derived from the model— even after the building is constructed.

We have an experience for over 14+ Years in this industry and along with that we are committed towards our clients and believe in delivering qualitative service with 100% customer satisfaction. Also, our in-house team of BIM Engineers, BIM Modelers, BIM Engineering Consultants is always available to serve its clients at any point of time where they need to have information related to their BIM project and BIM services.

If talking about the past, the process of executing and implementing particular building plans were not that easy, but as there is saying that "change is inevitable" the same concept is being applied in Building Information Modeling Services too. If we talk in the past, to interpret the idea and concept of the service the option available was blueprints and hand-sketched drawings and it was all related to a particular building plan.

This process was called a 2D approach that made it very difficult to view the dimensions and requirements, and thus this then leads to delay in delivering the project. Later, came the option of CAD in the market that actually helped the drafters to see beyond the box the benefits of the plans into a digital environment. Again, with the change and demand in the construction field and engineering field, CAD turned 3D. This concept has brought more realistic views to all the blueprints and hand-sketched drawings. Thus, it is not at all wrong in saying that BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the standard— but it’s more than just a 3D Model.

BIM Outsourcing Services

Looking for a BIM Outsourcing Service Provider who can assist you in your dream BIM project? Well, then you have landed up at the right place. CAD outsourcing services have been one of the leading and professional BIM Services providers serving its clients in the international market and globally for over 13+ years. At one single roof our clients will find a wide array of BIM CAD Services like virtual design and construction, construction documentation, architectural, structural and MEP BIM modeling, formation of 3D coordinated models and much more. The core reason to select an outsourcing company for a BIM project is that, as a client you do not have to invest in installing the multiple BIM software that are required till the project is finished.

The entire concept of working on BIM Engineering Outsourcing Service and its project has completely been changed and with these changing trends in the construction industry, BIM has emerged as one of the best and successful used building technology. In the current construction world the concept of 3D modeling is termed to be an outdated version. Yes, you read it right, because BIM has come up with the diversified features like 4D-enabling, 5D-incorporating for cost-data, 6D -sustainability energy analysis & sustainability of buildings, 7D - operational and facility management work. The current trend in BIM technology is much more advanced since it offers new openings for improved supply chain collaboration and more sophisticated information exchange.

Point Cloud to BIM Services

CAD Outsourcing Services provides "Scan to BIM Outsourcing Services'' to its clients as per demand of the project. Having an in-house team of best engineers and modelers we have great expertise in using software like Revit and Navisworks, to convert point cloud data into BIM platform. Our point cloud to BIM services is depicting the as-built information of the models that has very close accuracy and information related to the pipes, walls, slabs, beams, columns, roof planes, facade and landscapes around the building. Also, not only this we are well-versatile in creating the models from LOD300 to LOD500 for Architectural Elements, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical & Firefighting Elements, Structural Elements and Creation of Integrated Models.

Our Point cloud to BIM Outsourcing Services is not limited only to working on the construction of new buildings, rather we create as-built models for the building project that requires renovation, refurbishment, or redevelopment. The services of point cloud are widely recognized to be one of the best approaches than the old and traditional methods of surveys that are used for the measuring tools. With the help of 3D laser technology our engineers first capture the environmental as-built and later we import this survey data and process it by the use of ArchiCAD and Autodesk Revit software. This process is thus termed to be called a point cloud to 3D model.

BIM Clash Detection Outsourcing Services

CAD Outsourcing Services is a renowned BIM Service provider that offers accurate and precise BIM Clash Detection Services to its clients worldwide. Our team is having good experience in working on all kinds of projects irrespective of its size, shape, or complexity. While Outsourcing BIM Services with us, there are a lot many things that need to be considered. With our esteemed work approach and in-depth understanding of the BIM models study we have gained a reputation of being one of the best BIM Clash Detection Services Providers serving construction companies worldwide. In the BIM coordination process the very first step that is taken into consideration is BIM Clash Detection Outsourcing Services.

The ultimate goal of undertaking this service is to comparatively make it easy and convenient for the contractor and the constructor to differentiate between serious clashes and routine clashes. Our constant approach of delivering the work has become very effective and helps in achieving the best accuracy and result-oriented delivery of the work. Moreover, having an experience for over 12+ years we are the first choice for our clients in India and worldwide when it comes to outsource BIM clash detection services.

BIM 360 Design

BIM 360 Design is the latest and the next-gen services in the engineering sector of building information modeling outsourcing services. The basic use of the service is to have proper access to data collaboration, design management, and cloud services. This complete new platform is built on the platform of BIM 360. As off we are very much familiar with BIM services, now let us go beyond and have an understanding of some more services that are an important part of the entire BIM world. So, yes, in one word if needs to be communicated BIM 360 Design services is the next level that has entirely changed the way and concept of working to get finest work within the stipulated time-frame and with 100% customer satisfaction.

With the change in the time, technology too has changed. Thus, with this said number of AEC industries have adapted this finest option to get the complete BIM 360 layout which is a part of the project and the design as well. The team of engineers and modelers are well-trained and versatile to understand the needs and requirements of the client and based on that schedule the next process of the work. Now, with the assistance of an accurate BIM 360 Design Collaboration Module, the team associated with the project will know the real-time update and view of the entire designs and drawings. Also, in this the software Revit plays an important role. It is because of it the view of the designs can be seen in 2D and 3D views.

BIM Coordination

We offer highly-qualitative and precise BIM Coordination Outsourcing Services globally to our clients. Our approaches of delivering the coordinating services are built for the architects, contractors, engineers, project managers, and sub-contractors for the construction as well as engineering projects. With our error-free and clash -free federated models, we help our clients in saving time and cost. With our approach to the service, we commit our clients to deliver the work as per their expectations and by adhering to all the required tools and technology.

Our Engineering Consultancy Company and team of engineers understand the importance of the project and thus with proper planning and coordination, analyze the project and resolve clashes and augment reviews as well. Our bunch of BIM coordination services includes BIM clash detection, constructability reviews, and online virtual BIM coordination meetings. This set of services requires a collaborative approach and thus it is necessary that the team of well-experienced engineers and BIM modelers assist you and this in returns to be a successful business venture for both that is the client and company.

Revit BIM Modeling

CAD outsourcing services is the leading service provider in Revit BIM Modeling. This is the service that is being served to the clients in which points are being marked up for the drawing development. With having extensive expertise in Autodesk Revit for BIM services, we serve to the clients in providing services to Architectural, Structural, MEP & Façade domains. Our phase of the work is related to our clients project and that includes the work like design, development of shop drawings, construction, as-built modeling and many more.

With our in-house team of engineers and drafters we closely work with our clients and provide them the solution that makes their work easier and simpler. With the automated process, accuracy of getting the data with perfection increases and thus Revit BIM modeling is a viable service that has changed the entire concept and the BIM work for construction. Having experience for over 12+ years and good grip over the use of software we are leading providers of Revit BIM modeling. Not only this we also provide customized BIM Services and a variety of different services in the field of engineering that play a vital role in the entire construction field and industry.

Architectural Shop Drawings

Architectural Shop Drawings is the set of drawings that is prepared and produced by the contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, sub-contractors, or fabricators. CAD Outsourcing Services is the one-stop destination that delivers customized as well as project based shop drawings services to its clients globally. With the help of detailed architects' construction documents, the team of manufacturers and contractors will get the actual product information that is specified in the construction documents. These set of drawings are more specific and show precise details than the architectural construction documents.

When it comes to outsource BIM projects, we are leading and global providers of all types of architectural services. With the help of CAD software the conversion of the design and drawings becomes easier and convenient. Also, knowing the importance of the service our team of engineers, designers, and drafters have expertise in delivering accurate work by sharing complete information that is required for a successful delivery of the project. Moreover, our team closely works with the clients and understand their need and requirement, and based on that prepare the first stage of the work, and along with that if at all there is any changes required the same can be done with immediate effect and with this the team can know the changes so that there is no delay at the time of construction when the same takes place.

Architectural BIM Services

CAD Outsourcing Services offers a vast range of Architectural BIM Modeling Outsourcing Services to our clients worldwide. The team of experienced engineers assists the clients in visualizing the entire project in a far better way, making sure that the details are shared with all convenience prior entering the construction stage.

We have years of experience and with this we are the leading and recommended company that delivers architectural BIM Engineering Services to our esteemed clients and that too as per the need and requirement of the project. The team who is working on the project is the professionals and has an understanding of the BIM-based design process. The services are preferred on different levels and sets of BIM platforms. Despite knowing the current competition in the market, we are the first choice of selection for our clients. Also, our ultimate aim is to deliver the project in the most effective and efficient manner.

The architectural BIM modeling services delivered by our BIM modelers are versatile and smart in creating accurate BIM models that are different forms and methods. This is with regards to the drawings, sketches, BIM model documentations, BIM collaboration, BIM coordination, and content creation. When we undertake the project, it is our responsibility to be with our clients from the start of the project, to its end. Thus, our clients can be rest assured that we are for them and with them to assist them on their project that is related from the pre-construction stage to the post-construction stage.

Urban Planning and Design Services

CAD outsourcing is the reputed and one of the most trusted companies when the project is related to urban planning and design services. We are the company that caters CAD based designs and 3D modeling services, for major AEC industries. The company and the team in-house here is the place where our efforts are meeting the ideas of the clients and that is ultimately serving them with intelligent work on urban planning and design services. The urban planning services offered by our expert team indeed facilitates the communities to create a perfect understanding of the place in which they define the vision and process of executing a plan to accomplish the same.

When outsourcing your project related to urban planning and design services, we provide a clear and transparent view of the property that is being founded on the basis of its past, recognizing its objectives for the present, and converting the dream into reality with all the best possibilities for the coming future. With the team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, and drafters we undertake the entire responsibility of the project with the process of getting the process from its start to the end. Also, with our 100% result in delivering the project by following all the necessary stages and international codes and practices, we are the first choice for our clients be it in India or worldwide. To know more about the service, do have a look at our portfolio.

Architecture Interior Design

Architecture interior design is the service opted for designing the building or the shelter from inside out. Also, the service of interior designing is very much taken into consideration and this is because the designers here are known with the current design and work that is related to the creation of new interior either for homes, offices, or any construction plots where there is a need for the services.

Our team of designers understand the needs of each and every client, and based on that prepare the first stage of the work. This is referring to the initial stage of proper planning, designing that is used for the interior of the buildings, and this can later be changed or accommodated as and when required with the significant revision of an original design for an adaptive use and considering the same as the shell of the building.

This process is generally referred to as the spatial art of design that is very much related to the environmental process too. This service and the entire process of the building are designed to address complete aspects and points that a human needs for their structural spaces. In simple terms if need to say interior architecture is the design of an interior in architectural terms. Being one of the trusted companies in delivering the best reach of the services we are the first choice for our old and new clients globally.

Textile Mill Architectural Services

CAD outsourcing services is the one-stop service provider that provides solutions for CAD and BIM services for AEC industries across the globe. Our team of trained, experienced, and versatile engineers offers accurate and sustainable textile mill architectural outsourcing services with proper planning and designing. With the detailed knowledge and use of best technological practices of industry, the engineers here proceed further with the initial stage of the process and that combiles real-time practical experience and efficient textile mill architectural services to our esteemed clients. Also, the ultimate goal of our company is to provide end-to-end excellence service to them which is beneficial for the long term.

We all are familiar with the term textile mill, but to develop it with all the necessary steps and stages there is a requirement of the team who understands the details and thus the best option available is to outsource the entire project. This is because being the owner of the project, you do not have to invest in the software, engineers, and necessary tools and process, as this would be just one project. CAD outsourcing services has experience for over 13+ years and already has all the software and updated tools and codes that are mandatory for textile mill architectural engineering services.

Town Planning Architectural Services

Town planning Architectural Engineering Services is the process that requires management of land resources. The involvement here is having the control of existing and new developments, along with the preparation of strategy so as to make sure that the execution is done properly and precisely. It is one of the best and dynamic processes that are being changed with regards to the response to the policy, development proposals and local needs. CAD outsourcing services is the leading provider that has successfully delivered numerous projects that are undertaken in Town Planning Architectural Services.

With the help of our designs and drawings we assist the town planners to try and balance the demand of landowners and developers, in which the needs, queries, and concerns of the community and policy framework is all taken into consideration. Once the planning is successful, it can give protection to the environment and also will promote and facilitate regeneration too. This will also help in creating and sustaining community, this will thus assist in creating both old and new places.

Structural BIM Services

CAD Outsourcing company is a well-known BIM Outsourcing Company that provides Structural BIM Engineering Consultancy Services to its clients globally. We have delivered numerous projects for residential, commercial, industrial structures and this is only possible with the help of our structural BIM engineers who are having great access to the latest BIM-based software and technology that is required in structural BIM modeling. Our process of BIM modeling provides the basic information that is required for existing design of the building with proper analysis, and calculations.

When undertaking the project for Structural BIM Outsourcing Services there is a protocol that our team follows and that is related to conducting the design review, constructability review of the materials before moving ahead with the coordination process. We have the best team of Structural BIM Modelers, Steel Detailers and Structural BIM Engineers with knowledge of working on complex and detailed structural projects. In BIM projects, post architectural BIM services the next stage is to work on the design and drawings of its structure based on the details and needs of the clients. So, yes this is also one of the important stages of BIM Services.

Structural Steel Detailing Services

Structural steel detailing services is one of the toughest and crucial services that require 99% of accuracy and perfection. The process of structural steel detailing service is also named as "communication link" between the general contractors, structural design firms and steel fabricators so as to develop comprehensive and result oriented structural steel detailing solutions for high-rise buildings, processing plants, industrial steel structures and steel frame construction.

Having years of experience we understand the importance of the services thus are having the access to adhere to all the necessary tools and software that are required for delivering proper detailing services.

Our team of steel detailers has an expertise in preparing structural steel detailing drawings for rebar shop drawings, and also one thing that is important here is the undertaking of shop drawing services and erection drawing services. This is because without considering these services, the entire project of steel detailing services is incomplete and inaccurate.

Rebar Detailing Services

CAD Outsourcing Services is providing detailing, drawing, 3D modeling services within the rebar detailing services. We have an in-house team of experienced detailers who have detailed knowledge of industrial and international standards that are required in Rebar detailing services for the team of structural engineers, rebar fabricators, steel erectors, detailers, general contractors and concrete contractors. Our skilled and efficient rebar detailers produce rebar shop drawings that can help the clients to get the details as to where to install rebar and also where to have the placement of the reinforcing steel at the site with the highest accuracy.

Our rebar shop drawing services are specially designed to identify and have control over the entire workflows by the clients and effectively managing the rebar inventors too. With the use of all the necessary tools and software our team can deliver the complete project as per the expectations of the clients as well as with their requirements. The service of rebar detailing indeed plays a vital role and hence needs to be taken care of. To know more about the service and our project have a look at the portfolio of the same.

Precast Panel Detailing Services

We are the trusted and recommended precast panel detailing service provider serving its clients globally. This is the service used to produce reusable mold in a controlled environment and when these concrete panels are required they are being sent directly to the site. This all saves a lot of time, and energy for the contractors and subcontractors. In the era of the 21st century, major of the AEC industries have adopted precast panel service which is convenient as well as have changed the concept in the construction field.

While outsourcing precast panel project, our clients have not at all to worry as the range of the service include from wall panel detailing to erection drawings, from stairs detailing to quantity take offs, from embedment detailing to marking plans, and from lifting leg locations to double tee location, all at one go as well as one single roof. We have experience for over decade plus and with this we guarantee our clients that their entire project is at safe hands and with the best and reputed company in India and worldwide.

Structural Detailing Services

Our structural detailing services have rich and qualitative drawings and 3D models that are being used for almost all types of structures. We have built a strong ability to extend reliable, economical, and accurate services to our clients so as to assist them in establishing their project with much precision and perfection. We are the leading service providers, who very well understands the importance of the service and thus are taking sole responsibility to work on complete structural detailing projects that is termed to be the base for every construction industry.

Now, as we all know that the service demands the highest-amount of quality approach and does not have any place for single mistake too, thus the best option available in the market is to outsource the project. While deciding to outsource the project, the best that can be done is to rely on us as we assure our clients that we adhere to all the necessary codes, standards, and processes which are required for the delivery of the successful structural detailing services. Also, you can connect with us or check on our website with the projects that we have successfully completed and also along with the software we use.

MEP Outsourcing Services

CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading MEP Engineering Consultants that provide precise MEP Outsourcing Services to its clients globally. We have a team of great and experienced MEP engineers who are best in producing MEP models to the clients as per the need and requirement of the project. MEP stands for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services. Our aim is to provide and offer superior quality, cost-effective, and time-bound MEP engineering design services to its clients globally. We believe in long term business relationships with the clients and thus work with them closely so as to understand their concept of the project and then proceed with the initial stage of the work.

Our MEP engineering design services includes schematic designing, integrated 3D MEP Modeling, generating 2D construction drawings along with the construction documents as well. Also, our company assures its clients of using all the necessary codes and international standards that are required for advanced technical proficiency that add value to your business and turn your focus towards your core competencies by outsourcing MEP Design services to us. The latest technologies and software that we use are AutoCAD MEP & Revit MEP. To know more about our MEP outsourcing services or the projects that we have accomplished, you can simply check our portfolio and explore our website and check for a variety of services.

MEP Prefabrication Services

One of the most impactful services that has advanced a lot in the construction field to make the entire work easier, accurate, and successful. The service is the implementation of MEP prefabrication services. This is one of the most impressive and effective services in the MEP process. The process of prefabrication refers to the manufacturing of building components that is completely at an off-site environment, and as and when required transported and installed on the site. The in-house team at CAD outsourcing services have decades plus years of experience and based on that are always at the service to serve its clients. With this, we also use all the necessary and required sets of software and tools that are required for the overall completion of the project.

Also, in the said service, the creation of the panels and modules are easy and efficiently prefabricated, but for the entire MEP systems the prefabrication is more complex. A closer look at the process and its benefits of prefabrication can help in assessing its feasibility and availability. Traditionally, the process of construction of MEP systems has been multi-level work. Thus, it is necessary that the team of engineers, designers, and modelers are available at the site so that the work should not be hampered. Considering some of these aspects and details our respective works hand-in-hand with the owner, contractors, and sub-contractors. Connect with us today and know more about the services process.

MEP BIM Services

CAD outsourcing services is the prominent BIM outsourcing company that is specialized in providing result-oriented and end-to-end MEP BIM Services to the clients globally. With the help of the required tools and software the entire project for MEP BIM gets successful and complete. We and our team of engineers work globally with numerous construction companies, MEP contracting firms, Engineering consultants etc. for residential, commercial and industrial structures. Having experience for over 12+ years we adhere and follow all the necessary tools and international practices that are required for the delivering the project.

Also, no matter whatever is the size of the project, our team first checks on the design and drawings that have been submitted by the clients and based on that prepares its 3D models to check the virtual effect before proceeding further with the construction. Our MEP BIM services include BIM clash detection across the model and also to suggest the design for our esteemed clients. So, with this said we have vast and comprehensive expertise in delivering all the work that is related to BIM Services, MEP Services, HVAC services, and many more.

MEP Shop Drawing Services

A well-coordinated MEP shop drawing is a virtual presentation of the design and the drawings that are being created by the engineers and the architects. It is the process in which the team of the contractors, constructors, owners, and the stakeholders can see every point to point details of their project, as to where and how the installation of the electrical systems, mechanical systems, and piping systems are set. Also, with an in-house team of well qualified MEP engineers, the creation of HVAC shop drawings is prepared as per the need and requirement of the client. It is our constant endeavor to deliver high-quality drawings and ensure 100% customer satisfaction for every project that we execute.

The primary focus is to generate MEP coordinated drawings that improves the overall performance of the building. It is necessary that these drawing versions are explained with the details of fabrication of components to the manufacturing team. These set of drawings are required for the prerequisite requirement of prefabricated MEP components that are ready to be installed at the site. With proper MEP services it becomes easier and quicker for the completion of the work and project within the stipulated period of time.

Revit BIM MEP Services

Revit MEP, is a product of Autodesk and a software that is used in BIM services that enables the team of MEP professionals in generating accurate and detailed MEP CAD drawings/drafting and MEP coordinated model with the successful execution of MEP Drafting Services and MEP BIM Modeling Services precisely. In the engineering domain MEP services play a vital role and so is the integration of Revit BIM MEP services. No matter whatever is the type of BIM project, our team can assist the client and assure them of the result-oriented outcome of the project.

The software Autodesk Revit MEP is the most recommended and trusted process in which the team of professionals is performing well in MEP services as well as Revit modeling services. Since, the team here closely works with the members who are associated with the project irrespective of its size or complexity, the client can be rest assured that the project details will be shared to them with all accuracy and with confidentiality too. Contact us today to outsource your Revit BIM MEP services with us.

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings

CAD outsourcing services provide the best and result-oriented work for HVAC Duct shop drawing services. For our esteemed clients in India and worldwide both. With the help of the dedicated tools and software, it becomes easier and convenient to complete the entire project that is undertaken for HVAC Duct Shop Drawings. The acronym of HVAC is Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. The in-house team of our HVAC engineers has years of experience and with that they are far capable enough to work on the project irrespective of their size, and complexity.

In the era of digitization we are committed towards the work that our clients have outsourced with us and on the basis of this trust we are the most trusted and the recommended HVAC Duct Shop Drawing Service Provider of our clients. Owing to the importance of the project, our team of engineers start the work in which first they thoroughly have a survey of the 2D designs and with that if required take a visit at the physical site too.

Once this process is completed our team then starts converting CAD files of the HVAC or Plumbing, PDF files of the structural, architectural and reflective ceiling plans and heights, size of the insulation being installed, and cut length for ductwork. Thus, the process of HVAC installation plays a vital role and needs detailed study and its presentation.

Precast Shop Drawings

We are the leading service provider of precast shop drawings that accomplish any type of precast detailing works for the clients across the globe. The process of adopting the culture of precast concrete panel and precast shop drawings have made the work easier and faster. With the help of a detailed set of these drawings the installation process has become way faster than expected. CAD outsourcing services is the leading company that is up to date with the use of all the latest tools, and software that is required for the successful implementation of precast panels.

Having had experience for over 12+ years we and our team of engineers are adhered to deliver the work as per our customers' expectations and requirements. Moving further, since the panels of precast are ready to install, in the drawings it becomes easier to point out where the panel will be installed when the base of the building is being constructed. Also, one thing that we all are known for is that the focus of growing construction industries have advanced a lot and with that its modernization too. Connect with us to know the process we follow or take a look at our services.

Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings

CAD outsourcing services is the leading provider of all major types of CAD services with the expert team of professionals and infrastructure that enables all major types of plumbing and piping shop drawing services with all the level of complexities that may be involved in the projects. With our effortless approach and dedication to complete the project within the stipulated time-frame we have been the most trusted and the recommended company. While undertaking a plumbing piping shop drawings project here is the list of its type which our engineers cover and share with the clients.

Steel Fabrication Drawings

The process of steel fabrication drawing services basically are used for the preparing the structural members of the detailed drawings that are created and has drawings of columns, beams, bracing, stair, Ladder, handrails, frame & truss etc. Also, in this erection drawings too are taken into consideration and in that the details included are anchor setting plans & embed layout plans, main & miscellaneous steel. While undertaking the project of steel fabrication drawings, our team follows all the required and necessary codes and practices that are meant for successful as well as result-oriented delivery of the service.

CAD outsourcing services is the leading and prominent company that understands the importance of the services that play a vital role in the construction sector. The core focuses of steel fabrication drawings to make sure that the clients know where the installation of the parts and members will be embedded. Further, another benefit of the service is that if at all any stage the construction team is not able to understand the design or the drawing, the engineers can easily make them understand the work and with that they can continue the work without getting the current construction impacted or keeping the project on hold. Hence, it is an important service that again plays a vital role.

Facade Shop Drawings

CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading service provider of Facade shop drawings. This set of drawings are the roadmap that is utilized by the project managers and installers, and this can then greatly affect the ratio of profitability of any project. Facade shop drawings basically reflect the structures, shapes, and size of the buildings' facade at each of its locations. Later on post the drawings are completed the same may be submitted to get the approval from the consultant and the architects too. This approach of undertaking the work makes it more clear and effective to understand the entire set of the drawings and its implementation process.

We are in the era of the 21st century where the construction sector has advanced a lot. With today's fast paced construction, the fabricators are finding them in a tough place where scheduling the construction work and material requirements leads to a longer time. It is the facade team who comes into existence and provides cost-effective and quality service that will not only turn to be a profitable venture but also the client will be happy as the work delivered to them will be as per their expectations. Our facade engineers and our engineering services are versatile and specialized in providing custom facade shop drawings. We also make sure that if required mandatory drawings for the building approval the proceeding will be taken care for.

Millwork Shop Drawings

Looking to outsource millwork shop drawings services? Well, then your search ends at CAD outsourcing services. We have one of the best and trained team of engineers who pertain to having in-depth knowledge of millwork drawings and it’s designing. We not only offer millwork shop drawing services, but are specialized in providing a wide array of architectural woodworking, casework, furniture and commercial cabinets, and much more. The entire process of millwork is completed with the help of CAD programs and because of this the work actually becomes way faster and easier.

We are the leading BIM outsourcing company that delivers accurate and result oriented BIM services by following all the necessary BIM tools and software. Thus, the best is to get the work completed with the help of the required team who understand the importance of the work and based on that they provide end-to-end delivery of the project within the stipulated period of time.

Types of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Its Features

Let us proceed further and have a look at some of the types of BIM services and its salient features. Here are the details for the same as listed below.

Revit Family Creation

Revit family creation requires a team of highly skilled and trained engineers who are expert in knowing each and every element of the family that needs to be created and modeled, keeping in mind the geometry of the family that is the core of the service. We have developed and trained numerous projects that require detailed view and focus on Revit family creation as well as high-quality approach and output. Having experience for over 12+years we are always ahead then the current trend of the market and when we say this we mean it too. It is because we are the one who closely work with our clients to know what they are looking for and how they need their work to be delivered.

Salient Features

  • Revit family services can be customized as per the demand of the client.
  • Selection of a template that has the details of ceiling, roof, and walls details, etc.
  • Defining the subsections of the family for optimum geometry visibility
  • Sharing the reference plan and reference line with the help of required tools and software.
  • Add and optimize the set of dimension tools to specify the parametric relationship.
  • Creation of model-geometry and adding relevant geometry.

4D BIM Services

We deliver 4D BIM modeling services to our clients globally to help contractors, sub-contractors, land-surveyors, and real-estate developers and the team of members who are part of the BIM project. The process of 4D BIM services is termed to be the scheduling stage where with the help of Autodesk Revit and Navisworks our BIM modelers assist to determine the gap between the time that is required for the completion of the project along with the actual construction time consumed till time. This is the stage that is undertaken to increase the efficiency and importance of 4D simulations for 4D construction sequencing. This stage is also called the stage of physical construction of the building.

Salient Features

  • 4D BIM services gives a better understanding of the project to the team members.
  • Our site utilization plan through BIM models, helps in estimating the location.
  • Through software like Autodesk Revit and other BIM tools the clashes if any will be rectified and eliminated.
  • Through our construction virtual model design, we create a model for designing and analyzing the construction that may come up as a challenging process in BIM.
  • The process of 4D BIM service can be cost-effective when used in the right set and with the right team of engineers and company too.

5D BIM and Quantity Takeoffs

5D BIM services is the stage where the actual costing of the project is undertaken. This level of work is required for the architects, constructors, designers, operators, owners, manufacturers, engineers, sub-contractors and material suppliers. This data for getting the overall costing can be done with the help of software like Autodesk and Navisworks. CAD outsourcing services deliver 5D BIM quantity take offs services that are empowered by the architectural firms so as to extract the entire cost and correct estimation of the BIM project at its all level of building construction stage.

Salient Features

  • Conversion of BIM 4D to BIM 5D
  • Precise Quantity Takeoff and Cost Estimations
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • Master planning cost estimating and analysis
  • Architectural, Structural, MEP Integration
  • Virtual intelligent 3D model creation

6D BIM Services

6D BIM services is termed to be the stage where the sustainability and energy analysis of the building is calculated and shared with the clients and the stakeholder. We at CAD outsourcing services have the team of best and experienced BIM engineers and modelers who have deep knowledge on working on 6D BIM services. No matter whether the project is undertaken for the renovation of an old building or constructing a new building every stage of BIM is taken into consideration and yes BIM 6D is one of them.

Salient Features

  • Adhering to all the tools and software required for successful implementation of 6D BIM services.
  • Cost-effective and qualitative approach of the work.
  • Maintains uniformity across the projects
  • Includes the process of energy assessment, energy simulation, and analysis.
  • For BIM enabled projects explores the areas of FM applications.

LOD Services

LOD services also known as Level of Development or Level of Details. This is the set of work in which BIM projects are incomplete and inaccurate. CAD outsourcing services is the leading LOD services provider to its clients across the globe and is serving all major AEC companies and construction companies. These LOD levels are further divided in different stages and the details for the same is as mentioned below.

Salient Features

  • Each LOD stage declares the work of a construction project.
  • LOD services enhance the work to be completed with more efficiency and accuracy.
  • LOD allows the model authors to define the utility of the model along with its reliability.
  • It assists the design manager to communicate the design details that are required at various levels of the design process.
  • It establishes standard references for contracts and BIMXP

7D BIM Services

BIM 7D services is termed to be the stage where the overall detail of the building is being shared. It is defined as facility management level and with the help of using different BIM models the management of the assets is possible. This stage of work has gained a lot of importance in the construction sector. CAD outsourcing services is the leading and versatile company that delivers all the required stages of BIM services that is required for the successful and qualitative approach of the BIM services. This also can be said that the entire life-cycle of the building and its assets are depending on this service and its data. So, yes this is the service that plays a vital role.

Salient Features

  • Programming becomes easier and quicker.
  • Design performance and its relative effectiveness increases to a great extent.
  • Records the modeling details.
  • Precautionary maintenance scheduling.
  • Asset Management
  • Space management and keep a track over it.

Benefits and Uses of BIM Services

As we know that BIM Outsourcing Services play a vital role in the construction of buildings and its projects. Thus, here is the list of some of the benefits and uses of this service which will give an overview of the services more in detail.

Why Choose CAD Outsourcing Services?

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