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The three important aspects that refer to the building design and construction are implementation of proper Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Piping - Revit MEP Engineering Services. We at CAD Outsourcing Services have a team of experienced and well-qualified engineers who based on the need and requirement of the clients deliver the work that the project is demanding. In BIM Services MEP Design is very much important and the reason for the same is because it requires proper planning, accurate documentation, details so as to take decision, cost-estimation, construction and maintenance details that are result-oriented and result-facilitated.

CAD Outsourcing Consultant is a leading Revit MEP Outsourcing Services provider that encompasses the in-depth design and selection of these systems that are required for proper installation of the equipment. The entire delivery of Revit MEP Consultancy Services is possible only when there is proper understanding being given to the respective team of the person. Moving further, based on the common practices and codes our team of Revit MEP Engineers research on the design and prepare the first level of the work as per the principles of engineering and share those details with the needed and respective specification required for the development. This further reacts as a result oriented outcome. Also, here the engineers who are working in the MEP projects should have a deep and proper knowledge of the standards, codes, disciplines, and set of other related work that plays a vital role in processing the MEP services that is including some of the dynamic factors, mechanical data, electrical components and other aspect of the project.

MEP CAD Drafting Services

We are one of the experienced and well- equipped BIM Outsourcing companies that offer customized and detailed MEP CAD Drafting Services, MEP Coordination Drawings, and BIM Clash Detection Services to its clients worldwide. It is that based on the design that is being submitted by the clients to our engineers, the very first thing that they do is create a planner and i.e from its start to its end. It is not at all wrong in saying that we CAD Outsourcing Services have worked with multiple construction companies, MEP Contractors, MEP Consultants, etc and have served them to work on their projects collectively.

CAD Outsourcing Consultancy Services have the ability to work and deliver clash-free BIM Coordination Services with extra-ordinary validation in the designs. Also, to provide seamless delivery of the work, we have made it clear to provide most viable services that are as per the current demand and requirement of the market. Having said this we have completed numbers of projects that are related to residential and commercial buildings, schools, universities, centers, industrial structures and many other products. It is not at all in any ways wrong in saying that we closely work with our clients to make sure that their work delivered is as per their expectations.

MEP BIM Modeling Services

CAD Outsourcing Services is one of the leading Revit MEP Engineering Services providers that are specialized in providing accurate end to end MEP BIM Services to its clients globally. We and our company work for the majority of construction companies across the globe, and this also include AEC companies, and Engineering Consultants, etc. Not only this we are the most demanded and cost-effective company when it comes to the clients to get the project completed error-free, clash-free irrespective of the area of field. We are catering all the major residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

We have an in-house team of experienced Architects, MEP Experts, and BIM Engineers who are working and have worked on many projects like international HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing codes applicable across different places, and locations. The list of the services includes MEP BIM modeling services, MEP Coordination Services, Revit MEP BIM services, MEP Shop Drawings Services, Revit Family Creation Services, MEP BIM Clash Detection, MEP BIM Coordination, etc and other services.

Owing to the experience for over 14+ years we are well-experienced and capable enough to construct virtual MEP Models so as to visualize the same with actual construction background. This stage and service indeed helps to know and understand the exact requirements as to how the model will be and should be looking on the site.

MEP Engineering Services

We are the leading MEP Engineering Service providers that collectively and collaboratively work with its clients globally. Since, MEP Services is an integral part that is taken into consideration in BIM Projects, it is necessary that the work needs to be assigned to the company that has years of experience and thus, CAD Outsourcing Service is at your services and are specialized in those skills, those are related to art of planning, designing, and managing the MEP Systems of a Building.

The effective MEP Engineering Services assist with the decision making, cost estimation, maintenance of building, managerial work of building, and documentation work. We can also say that the term MEP system are a building’s central nervous systems, and is strongly responsible for the "creature comfort” feature of a structure. With the successful integration of MEP Services the building becomes livable and pleasant, and no matter if its a single-story building or a 50 story skyscraper MEP services is a must have service. To know more about the service, connect with us.

Revit MEP BIM Services

CAD Outsourcing Services is the one-stop destination that delivers Revit MEP BIM Services to its clients globally. We have an in-house team of engineers and drafters who closely work with the clients and understand what they need and how they need based on the virtual design that has been received by them. The team of engineers offers a wide range of Revit MEP BIM Services that includes 3D models, MEP layouts, and other such services that play a vital role in successful completion of the project.

The entire BIM project is successful with the help of software like Revit, AutoCAD, Autodesk and CAD. We have years of experience and based on that we can proudly say that we have delivered multiple projects and have gained success in it and it is all with the help of proper implementation of Revit MEP BIM Services. To know more about the services, or to outsource your MEP BIM Services, we are at your service. Contact Us today.

MEP Outsourcing Services

CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading MEP Outsourcing Services company that closely works with its clients and based on their needs and requirements the team of engineers, designers, and drafters prepare the design and model of the product in virtual form. By adhering to all the necessary software, tools and codes we accomplish the project that is as per the expectation of our clients. Also, knowing the importance of the service and its needs, it is very much necessary that the time required to complete the project with accuracy must be taken into mind and very well must have in consideration.

Outsourcing MEP Services with us helps the clients in a lot many ways. Some of them are with regards to time saving, saves time in project design, additional investment of having the licensed software and a lot many other hidden costs. Having an experience for over 12+ years we have one of the best team in-house who understands in depth the design and drawings that are being submitted by the clients and then post understanding if at all there is any changes or rectification required, the same can be done at the same time and post having R&D of the design we submit the final project to our client that is clash-free and error-free.

MEP Prefabrication Outsourcing Services

One of the most impactful services that has advanced a lot in the construction field, and have simultaneously gained popularity and success is the implementation of MEP Prefabrication Services. We are the leading and prominent company that is having one of the well-trained and experienced team who has their good hands and grip over to deliver 100% dedicated and customer-oriented MEP Prefabrication Outsourcing Services to them. Moreover, with proper implementation of prefabrication in many disciplines of construction, none of them seems to be more impressive and convenient as that in building services.

While outsourcing the MEP Prefabrication Services, one thing is very much clear that the building components that are created are environment safe, and are directly transported and installed at the site as per the requirement. All the prefabricated units that are created or developed with the help of MEP engineering designs are actually manufactured in a several ways and methods. The process of creating a complete MEP system for prefabricated components is way complex as the creation of modules and panels. But with CAD Outsourcing Services, we assure to deliver the work that is as per the expectation of our clients as well as with the latest integration of necessary software and standards.

Different Types of MEP Services Offered by Us :

MEP BIM Services

CAD Outsourcing Services provides a platter full of assortment of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services. Having experience for over 12+ years we understand the need and requirement of the clients and based on that we provide the service that is as per the expectation of our clients. Understanding the importance of the service and the required software that needs to be used, our team of engineers work and are committed to deliver the work within the given time frame and stipulated time.

Salient Features

  • Conversion of 2D Design Drawings to 3D models.
  • Accurate and Effective MEP Shop Drawings.
  • 2D CAD Drafting and Detailing services.
  • Detailed MEP Fabrication Drawings.
  • MEP Drafting Services.
  • MEP Design and Drawings.

Mechanical Engineering Services

Today the demand for outsourcing mechanical engineering services has increased a lot. The core reason for the same is to cope up with the rising costs and profit margin compression. We at CAD outsourcing services is the leading company that delivers and is committed to stand on the expectations of our clients by delivering them the accurate and effective mechanical engineering services.

Salient Features

  • PLM Implementation and Customization Services
  • CAD Conversion and Migration Services
  • 2D Drafting Services
  • Reverse Engineering (RE) Services
  • Piping Design and Drafting Services
  • Value Engineering Services
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Services
  • Material Handling System Design Services
  • 3D Mechanical Services

Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services is an important service that demands accuracy and precision. CAD Outsourcing has the team of one of the versatile and experienced electrical engineers who understand the importance of the services and deliver the work as per the need and demand for it. No matter whatever is the size of the project, the demand for electrical engineering service is as equal as getting as appropriate mechanical services. Thus, with this said we are adhered to follow all the necessary standards, and software that are required for a successful delivery of electrical services.

Salient Features

  • Electrical Instrumentation Services
  • Detailed Electrical Design & Layout
  • PCB Design and Layout
  • Electrical Systems Design
  • Electrical Schematic Drawing
  • Smart Panel Layout Drawings
  • Electrical 2D Drafting
  • Electrical Equipment Installation
  • Power Distribution Management
  • Field Instrument Location
  • Control System Architecture

Plumbing Piping Engineering Services

Another important aspect of the service without which the entire building project is incomplete. The service that we are talking about is Plumbing Piping Engineering Services. CAD Outsourcing Consultant has experience for over decade plus and based on its expertise and methods we deliver the work as per the need and demand of the project. The engineers here closely review the model and the drawing that is being submitted by the clients and thus after complete review they initiate the work for plumbing and piping services that shares the complete information that is related to the fittings of the pipes to the entire drainage systems.

Salient Features

  • Easy communication and information sharing for required amounts of materials.
  • Defining the types of piping models and sizing.
  • Providing high flexibility with 90 degree curves.
  • Sharing the complete diameter marking up for the sizing and distribution of the plumbing and piping surface.
  • Suggesting the types of the pipes that are for long term run and are worth the money.

HVAC Engineering Services

Integration of HVAC Engineering Services plays a vital role and thus it requires detailed understanding of the project and its implementation. CAD outsourcing services is the leading and the recommended outsourcing HVAC engineering service provider. The acronym of HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Having expertise in serving all types of engineering services we are the most trusted and recommended company that very closely works with the clients and delivers them 100% accurate and result oriented HVAC services. In all the HVAC projects, we provide complete HVAC consultancy, along with HVAC Shop Drawings Services and detailed MEP services too.

Salient Features

  • Sizing of pipes and layout plan designs.
  • Development of construction plan designs and drawings.
  • Details, schematics, schedules, legends and control diagrams
  • Development and Preparation of elevation drawings, equipment layouts and submittals
  • Flattening and existing plan drawings
  • Duct sizing and design layout plan drawings
  • As-builts, specifications, coordination drawings, shop drawings and addendums
  • HVAC heat load calculations, duct design and piping layout
  • Design and drafting services for HVAC system construction plan drawings

MEP Clash Detection

CAD Outsourcing Services is the one-stop destination for major AEC firms for outsourcing MEP Clash Detection Services. Our team of MEP Engineers and BIM experts develop result oriented and clash-free models in Navisworks so as to help the contractors and sub-contractors to complete their building project without any error and that too with complete detail and understanding to the team so that there is no any reason to have delay in completing the project. Apart, our team of engineers are committed and bound to adhere to all the required and necessary international codes and standards that are required in proper MEP clash detection services.

Salient Features

  • Creation of a plan that has clash test data and this is possible with the help of commonly called term "clash matrix".
  • Determining the clash rule and setting up the object and the parameter that is used in IFC by buildingSMART for the model.
  • Sharing of clash - report in the form of document shared with the stakeholders on giving the update on the project in the format of using PDF, XML, HTML or another type.
  • Clash detection service is available for the long term and it adds values in the process around it.

MEP BIM Coordination Services

CAD Outsourcing services is a 14+ years old BIM Outsourcing Company offering one of the best and satisfactory MEP BIM coordination services to its esteemed clients across the globe. Having experience for so many years and knowing the importance of the services we also cumulatively provide 3D MEP BIM Coordination services as well. We understand the importance of the service and thus closely work with our clients and so as to deliver the project as per their expectations and with 100% result-oriented. We have the best and experienced team of BIM engineers in-house who have profound expertise in working on MEP BIM coordination modeling and with this also have detailed updates on the required software and standards to be used. Also, while undertaking the project we are bound and committed to adhere to use all the set of international standards and software that is required and mandatory for the Revit MEP BIM Consultancy Services.

Salient Features

  • Identifies collisions and clashes at the very initial stage of service model.
  • Offers a single storing space that maintains all the set of designs, and related data.
  • Improves the stability of the piping fixtures, stability of duct, performance of air terminals within the systems, etc and other such work.
  • A complete coordinated MEP BIM model is used to ensure and provide surety when the question is related to the sustainability of the building.
  • Delivering other set of work like Fabrication drawings, shop drawings, collision detections, detailed section views, Coordination among different MEP trades, etc.
  • We work on all set of inputs that are being submitted by the clients. This is in the form of hand drawings, conceptual drawings, mark-up drawings, excel format drawings, pdf form drawings, etc.

MEP Shop Drawings Services

A MEP Shop Drawings Services is a consolidated and combined set of 3D rendering of the construction projects. The core use of opting the service is to make sure that the accurate details are shared by integrating all architectural, structural, and trade shop drawings. The drawings here are produced as per the requirement and need of the project. It is actually a set of prefabricated components that share one of the important information which are required for the implementation of MEP Shop Drawing Outsourcing Services. Not only to it, this is the process of shop drawings services that are required and used by the majority of AEC companies, along with the team members who are associated with the entire project.

Salient Features

  • Proper work details on the electrical components along with the set of technical drawings.
  • Underground and above-ceiling coordination
  • Sheet metal drawings
  • Plumbing and Pipe fabrication drawings
  • HVAC drawings and Ductwork drawings
  • Plumbing construction drawings
  • Mechanical, electrical, and piping detail drawings
  • Mechanical room HVAC detailed drawings

Benefits of Outsourcing Revit MEP Designing and Drafting Services :

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