CAD Services

Architecture Drafting

CAD Outsourcing Services offers economical, accurate and high-quality architectural 2D drafting services. Our eye for accuracy has eased the way to achieve our aim of customer satisfaction and has benefited in ongoing work from our clients. We use the latest technology and advanced techniques for prompt delivery. We give complete architectural design support for all stages of the design process, from concept, schematic to design development.

Architectural 3D

CAD Outsourcing Services helps in clearing your perception about the building design by offering architectural 3D model and rendering services. CAD Outsourcing Services is the gateway to Architecture around the world and across the history of a compellation of numbers of projects in 3D building models, Architectural 3D models, etc. We create a true-to-life model of a given building and it serves as an important tool to communicate complex design ideas.

Architectural Animation and Walkthrough

CAD Outsourcing Services assists their clients to market their building services or product by delivering high quality and photorealistic animation, 3D modeling and walkthrough services. Architectural Animation and Walkthrough expedite the sales process through this virtual interaction. Potential customers can vividly imagine the furnished building and sell it before it is constructed. We also offer customised exterior and interior perspective designs to understand the accurate detailing of the building.

Structural Drafting

CAD Outsourcing Services is a structural engineering firm offering detailed and standardised structural drafting services globally. Our structural design teams have vast experience in creating structural drafts for various structural elements such as beam, columns, walls, joist, and panels. We understand and customise the structural 2D drafting service as per the customer requirements has led to our exponential growth.

Structural Detailing

CAD Outsourcing has experienced team of engineers and draftsman which provide the structural detailing services like steel detailing, precast detailing, rebar detailing, pre and post-stressed detailing, framing details, bar bending schedule. We focus on delivering high-quality structural detailing drawings ready for fabrication.

Structural Design

CAD Outsourcing services provide best quality, economical and a wide range of structural design services. Our apparent and participate environment enables us to handle most comprehensive structural design projects. Our team of engineers and draftsman can also work as per international standard to fulfil the needs of customers.

Structural 3D Modeling

CAD Outsourcing provides reliable and accurate structural 3D modeling services that have details like dimensions, scale, material list, detailing and as per the client requirement. Our structural 3D model can be viewed from a different perspective. Our qualified team of draftsman and structural engineers are capable of creating an accurate structural 3D model with correct information.

Mechanical Drafting

CAD Outsourcing has expert mechanical drafters to provide mechanical drafting services to major industries with expertise in assembly, engineering and fabrication drawings. With more than 10 years of experience, we deliver mechanical drafting services with the highest accuracy and speed. We understand all the international and local codes and work on all sizes of projects.

Mechanical 3D Modeling

CAD Outsourcing Services offers best quality mechanical 3D modeling services to builders, contractors and engineers. We have a talented and experienced team of designers, drafters and engineers for mechanical 3D model services. We use the latest technologies and techniques in 3D modeling to develop your mechanical model as per your requirement. We follow international and regional standards while preparing Mechanical 3D Models.

Electrical Drafting

CAD Outsourcing design lighting system, power system, fire protection system and power distribution systems. We outsource accurate electrical drafting in sync with the latest trends in the industry.