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In this era of the 21st century, every sector has advanced a lot and has been fascinated with digitization methods and advanced technology. The same is in the construction sector too. CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading and the one-stop destination that serves its clients globally with a wide range of services. Having said this, one of the most profound and demanding services that every AEC company strives to outsource is the "Shop Drawing Services”. Now with this said, let us first have a thorough study on the term shop drawing and why is it taken into consideration.

Introduction to Shop Drawing Services :

In the construction sector, the team of contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, consultants, or fabricators demands an accurate and precise set of information so that the entire construction project is completed easily and effectively. This demand for work or set of work is called “Shop Drawing Services". The core reason this service is required is for prefabricated components. Having said this, these sets of drawings actually are the blueprints that communicate and let us know as to how the building or the property would be looking once the construction is completed. Now the set of details that the engineers show in the drawings, or when outsourcing shop drawing services describes the information like installation area, MEP work, HVAC ductwork, fire protection, mechanical aspects, electrical work, and a lot many other things that plays a vital role in the construction project.

Shop Drawings basically are more accurate and apt that show more details than the construction documents. Also, it is not at all wrong in saying that the pattern and style of shop drawing services are entirely different from that of architects or Architectural Drawings. The main emphasis of this service is to share the details on the particular product or installation rather than keeping a concern on the notation of products and installations. This does have a condition and it is like unless there is a demand for integration to subject the product as and when necessary.

When our clients select us as an Outsourcing Shop Drawing Services provider, we provide them with a complete platter of the work and that is related and a piece of must-have information in the project. Now when speaking on Shop Drawing Services we at CAD Outsourcing Services provide numerous services that include structural shop drawings, architectural shop drawings, sheet metal shop drawings, MEP shop drawings, BIM shop drawings, HVAC shop drawings, architectural shop drawings, and more. Basically, these shop drawings are the roadmap that is being utilized by the project managers, installers, and the team who are involved in the project.

CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading trendsetter company that even serves with entire Civil CAD Services and also all types of engineering services by following all the international codes, and disciplines that are required for a successful venture of the project. Thus, with this we would like to sum up in one word that Shop Drawing Services are one of the most important tools as well as the base without which the entire construction project is meaningless. It does not matter that whatever is the size of the project, or how complex it is, our in-house team of best and versatile engineers are at your service to make things easier and convenient for our clients and the members who are associated with the project.

Categories of Shop Drawings Services :

Steel Shop Drawings Services

When it comes to Outsourcing Steel Shop Drawings Services, the first and the profound name that comes to the mind of our clients is CAD Outsourcing Services. Having experience for over 13 years we are the leading company that understands the need and demand of our clients and based on the discussion provides one of the accurate and precise sets of steel shop drawings. This set of drawings are demanded by the majority of people like steel fabricators, contractors, engineers, designing firms, and many others. With the help of adhering to the required codes, software, and international standards we undertake the project of steel shop drawings. The ultimate intention of our is to deliver 100% accurate and customer-satisfied work.

CAD Outsourcing Services offers and works as an extended arm of its esteemed clients to deliver the accurate and perfect Fabrication Drawings and that too within the decided time and at an affordable cost and value. Since we understand the importance of the service and the reason to outsource the service, we have always been at the service for the clients. Moving further, we have one of the versatile, well-trained, and experienced team of structural steel detailing professionals who are skilled in developing erection drawings, assembly drawings, sections, details, component drawings, and last but not least advanced report of the bill of materials (BOMs'). Thus, with this said get the complete set of reports and that too in detail when the project demands steel shop drawings services.

Facade Shop Drawings

The shape and structure of a building’s Facades are defined with the help of Facade Shop Drawings Services. CAD Outsourcing Services provides one of the best and result from oriented drawings of the facade that is being used by the project managers and the installers. Now proceeding further, the need and demand for facade shop drawings is taken into consideration and is useful for implementing and integrating the renovation of an old building, apartment, offices, etc. Another reason that is connected with this service is making sure that the proper and accurate diagnostic studies are done of the building and a detailed report is obtained so as to get approval from the local authorities.

Facade Shop Drawings also known as fabrication drawings are basically the foundation of any fabrication process that is demanding and facade services involved in it. Well getting approval for architectural drawings is just a small part of one of the qualitative approaches that a facade shop drawing actually helps with. The document and drawings that serve as a guideline for project managers and installers is none other than facade shop drawings. This process indeed has one of the best and accurate impacts on the success of any of the projects that are undertaken for construction or renovation.

HVAC Duct Shop Drawings

CAD Outsourcing Services is a company that delivers accurate and result-oriented HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Services to its clients in India and worldwide. The ultimate goal of the company is to build a strong business relationship with the clients and serve them 24*7 as and when they require any assistance for their project. The acronym of HVAC is heating, ventilation, and air condition services. For any high-rise construction projects, or big commercial or industrial projects it is mandatory to have or outsource HVAC duct shop drawings services.

Let us proceed further and when it comes to HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Services, it is an important aspect that is undertaken for better execution of a complete HVAC project and that is from its start to the end. In other words, we can say that from the update on an initial concept to its completion. CAD Outsourcing Services has a team of well-trained and experienced engineers who are capable enough to derive the project details and make realistic models of HVAC duct and that is entirely in the form of and process of HVAC Duct Shop Drawings Services. Also, with the use of all the latest software, international standards, and codes we assure our clients that your complete HVAC Duct Design Service is being outsourced to one of the best companies across the globe.

Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings

Plumbing and Piping Services is another core aspect that is mandated to be taken into consideration. Without integrating an accurate system of plumbing and piping the entire construction project is of no use. CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading provider of accurate plumbing and piping shop drawings that gives the complete set information that is required in every construction project irrespective it is for constructing a building, or residential plot, commercial plot, or any old or new construction work.

CAD Outsourcing Services we aim to deliver the work that is best for both of us that is the client as well as the company. Nowadays with the rising demand for constructing new buildings and projects, the companies are thinking wisely and taking the decision to opt for outsourcing the entire projects and that is with regards to its initial designs to the completion of the project. In the process of plumbing piping shop drawings, the engineers and the designers in details share the markups and the notation that lets the contractor, sub-contractor, and the stakeholders of the project know as to what amount of piping materials would be required, where the main sewage line would be available, how and in what directions the pipes would be fitted and where the drainage of the waste wastewater be available, not only this, in this drawings every important aspect that is related to the plumbing and piping will be available and handed over to the clients.

Millwork Shop Drawings

For the manufacturing of Architectural Millwork and casework the service that is taken into consideration and also termed to be one of the helpful services is Millwork Shop Drawings Services. This set of drawings at times are drawn and produced by the millwork supplier and then at the later stage are submitted to the team of architects or the designers way before the process of fabrication takes place and this is so as to get the approval for these drawings. With the help of all the necessary standards and codes we are and will be committed to providing the best-in-class millwork shop drawings services to its clients.

We at CAD Outsourcing Services are very much capable enough in producing the best and project-oriented millwork shop drawings for interior design contractors, fabricators, carpenters, and the entire team of end-users who are in the construction sector. It is not at all wrong in saying that the services of millwork shop drawings are not limited to any specific construction companies, rather it can be used and demanded by the homemakers, individuals who are intending to have a complete re-work or change in their interiors and that too as per their likes and choices. No matter whether the project is for sharing the design for a simple cabinet to a splendorous lobby of the hotel, the one-stop destination is at CAD Outsourcing Services that serves and offers its clients the platter full of millwork shop drawings.

Precast Shop Drawings Services

Precast Services are the form of services that are taken into consideration by the construction team. Basically, precast panel detailing services is the set of work or product that is produced by the casting concrete and that too in a reusable mold or form. As we all know that Precast panels are ready to use a concrete panel that is constructed in a controlled environment and later are transported to the construction field as and when it is required. But for creating these panels the team needs to have accurate precast shop drawings available with them so that it can be prepared as per the defined sizes and shapes that are required in the field.

CAD Outsourcing Services is the leading and proficient precast shop drawings services provider that serves the clients in all its best possible way that saves time, energy, and a heavy investment of amount. Well, these precast panels are very light in weight and have one of the best and best thermal insulation. Also, with the help of Precast Shop Drawings Services the team can know as to where and how these precast panels can be installed and how it can be controlled in a better environment. Thus, yes it is way worthy enough to proceed with having outsourced Precast Shop Drawings Services as the company knows what is good and what is the software and standards required to complete the entire project.

Types of Shop Drawings Services - CAD Outsourcing Services

Now let us proceed further and have a look at some of the types of Shop Drawings Services that are being offered by CAD Outsourcing Services, and to which we are having our forte too. Mentioned are the types in a tabular form along with their features too.

Architectural Shop Drawings Services

Our architectural shop drawings services include accurate drafting and detailing services no matter whether it is required for designing a single apartment, villa, or large industrial, commercial, or residential buildings. By taking proper understanding from the clients and having regular meetings with them, our team of architectural engineers, drafters, and designers prepare the first level of the drawings and once the same is finalized it is taken into the next level. The core reason to undertake architectural shop drawings services is to have a proper update on the materials required along with the notations, layouts, and implementation of the drawings at the construction site for the physical process. This set of architectural work is the initial stage to start the project and is equally important in every construction project.

Salient Features

  • Following required industrial norms and standards for easy understanding and accessibility of the design and drawings.
  • Easy conversion of paper drawings into AutoCAD along with 2D and 3D drawings.
  • Easy to have modifications, analysis, and optimization of the building design.
  • Expertise in converting hand-made sketches into a digital format.
  • Adding required notations and details required in the form of text, dimensions, and in tabular form.
  • CAD drawings available as per the requirement of the projects and services.

BIM Shop Drawings Services

The services of BIM shop drawings play a comprehensive role in the entire BIM services. This set of work is more accurate and reliable as that of architectural renderings. Nowadays major AEC companies are demanding BIM shop drawings services so as to get the actual details of the project as well as the time that is required for sharing the information of actual construction along with the installation process and systems. Basically it is the sub-contractors and building traders who require and demand this information. CAD Outsourcing services is the leading and prominent company that understands the importance of the services and thus with all the required tools, standards, and software adhere to deliver every information of BIM projects.

Salient Features

  • Shares proper and accurate information that needs to be compared.
  • As required, change of order notation is taken into consideration.
  • Proper and updated information of fabrication details is given.
  • Assures job site dimensions.
  • System placement and installation.
  • Distribution of samples as and when required.
  • Use of Autodesk’s Revit family of applications.
  • Focus on the actual construction and operation of a building.

MEP Shop Drawings Services

CAD outsourcing services has extensive experience in delivering the best and result-oriented MEP Shop drawings services to its clients globally. Our team of engineers is having years of experience and expertise in creating HVAC shop drawings that also plays an important role in MEP services. This is with the needs and requirements of the clients and because we believe in delivering highly rich and data-driven work that always adds value to the business. The work of MEP shop drawing services is taken into consideration and is undertaken only when the team receives the drawn version of the construction documents.

Salient Features

  • Easy to understand technical drawings.
  • Proper set of composite and electrical drawings.
  • Coordinated drawings of underground and ceiling data.
  • Sheet Metal design and sheet metal drawings.
  • Plumbing and piping fabrication drawings.
  • HVAC Ductwork shop drawings.
  • Adhering to safety codes and regulations.

Steel Fabrication Drawings

Steel fabrication drawings are the process in which the entire information and details are being shared by the detailers and engineers that can be carried upon for further production of steelwork. This set of drawings is one of the most important aspects of the service and needs much accuracy and precision. We at CAD Outsourcing services adhere to all the necessary codes and practices that are required for the successful completion of fabrication drawings. Since these drawings are a crucial part of the design of the building, thus there is a need for respective engineers who can validate the design and calculate the overall requirement and specify structural elements in it. So, to sum up in short, if there is a demand for fabricating steel, then there is a need for fabrication drawings.

Salient Features

  • Comparison of information for the architect and engineer.
  • Changes or alterations from the construction documents.
  • Suggestions where verification of dimensions is needed.
  • Structural members are shared with the detailed drawings.
  • Complete and updated report that shares information about calculation, load, and materials.
  • Setting of achor plans and embedded plans.
  • Main & Miscellaneous steel erection drawings.
  • Need all the data files for the fabrication and documentation work.

Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metal design is one of the most crucial and complicated sets of work that requires much understanding and accuracy. We at CAD outsourcing services are having a team of proficient and well-trained sheet metal designers who are having their expertise in it. The demand for undertaking sheet metal design services encloses the fabricated components in which the cold forming is taken into consideration and along with it there is a clamp bent to know the radius of the metal which is called press brakes. The entire process and work of sheet metal design is determined on two parameters,

Salient Features

  • Modulus of rupture
  • Structured grooves, hole, and slot
  • Minimum Sheet Metal Bending Radius
  • Fabrication alternatives
  • Minimum Flange Width
  • Welding provisions
  • Wiping die bending
  • Experimental Studies

Cabinet Shop Drawings

When thinking to outsource cabinet shop drawings services the very first name that comes into the thought is CAD Outsourcing Services. We are the leading service providers of cabinet shop drawings serving its clients globally. Knowing and understanding the needs and requirements of the clients we and our team of engineers, drafters, and designers work on the first phase of the drawings and submit the same to the clients. Post further discussion if there is a need for a change in the design and drawings the team ensures that the same is done at the same very moment to avoid any delay in the work to proceed further. Having expertise and vast knowledge for over 13 years in various engineering services, shop drawing services, MEP Services, BIM services, and much more.. We are the most trusted and the recommended CAD service provider as well as a trusted outsourcing company.

Salient Features

  • Adhering to the right cabinet shop drawing methods and standards.
  • Conversion of the architectural plan into detailed fabrication.
  • Accurate process for working on assembly and installation drawings.
  • the proper report, the requirement and ordering of materials can take place.
  • Proper optimization leads to maximum output with minimum time of investment.

Steel Stair Handrail Detailing

CAD outsourcing services is the leading provider of Steel Stair Handrail Detailing services, in India and worldwide. It is not at all wrong in saying that in the design and implementation of the staircase, stair handrail detailing and services play an important role. The vital reason for it is to save people from the mishap and give them a protective channel from falling off it. CAD outsourcing services aim to meet the expectation of its clients and provide them innovative, practical, and top-notch structural Steel Stair Handrail Detailing services. With the help of CAD software, the hand made sketches are initially scanned and then at the later stages are converted into vector images by using the latest scanners and machines. Thus, this is an important service that needs to be taken into consideration with much precision and accuracy.

Salient Features

  • Auto billing of stairs, rails, and all sub pieces.
  • Accurate drawing to the scale and actual bevel.
  • Extract stringer sloping in directions.
  • Detail analysis of pan and grating stairs.
  • Customized option is available for pan design.
  • For checking dimensional detail a larger scan pan is drawn to check the end view.
  • Include holes for the handrail.
  • Auto calculation of Spacing and tail dimensions.
  • Draw a plan view of the stair.

2D Shop Drawings Services

Shop drawings are the set of drawings that are taken into consideration for prefabricated components. This process of work includes information such as manufacturing standards, dimensions, and details of fabrication. The root for architectural building information modeling is accurate with conventional 2D shop drawings. This gives the data that facilitates the process of installation as well the workshop that facilitates the workshop that is required for on-site installation and gets generated automatically from the HVAC models. With the help of proper implementation of 2D shop drawing services, we are bound and adhered to follow all the project standards and international standards.

Salient Features

  • Base for design protocol and its prototype.
  • Required for building system coordination.
  • Detects any clashes and decides the space reservation.
  • Detailed analysis and reporting.
  • Drawing high quality drawing production.
  • Counting on risk deduction for better work and transparency.
  • Scheduled compression is enhanced and checked on.
  • Provides effective, efficient, and result-oriented handover.

Benefits And Advantages Of Shop Drawing Services

Uses Of Shop Drawing Services

CAD Outsourcing Services does not just offer economical solutions but also add value by improving productivity and quality. For ultimate solutions of all your requirements regarding CAD Services and Shop Drawings do Contact Us at

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