2D Architecture Drafting, Architectural Planning Drawings, 3D Rendering


A team of high caliber technicians ensures you with the best of our services in the following:
  • 2D Architectural Drafting and Detailing
  • Architectural planning
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Architectural plan, elevation and sections
  • Architectural Rendering.
  • Walkthrough and Animation.
Structural Engineering Services, Electrical CAD Drafting Services


Be it steel, R.C.C. or wood, Cad Outsourcing provides services that satisfy you in the following:
  • 2D Structural Drafting and Detailing
  • Fabrication/ Shop Drawing (Steel Structures)
  • Rebar Detailing Drawing (R.C.C and Pre-stressed Structures)
  • Structural Steel Detailing
  • Structrual 3D Modeling
  • Precast Detailing
  • Structural Design and calculations
CAD Drafting Outsourcing, CAD Design and Drafting Service


If you are looking out for someone to help you with outputs regarding mechanical systems, industrial equipment and machinery modeling, your search ends at Cad Outsourcing. We provide you with the following services:
  • 2D Mechanical Drafting
  • Mechanical 3D Modeling
  • Mechanical Assambly Drawings
CAD Outsourcing, Engineering Design Services, Electrical Engineering Design Services

HVAC Services

Allow us to provide you with the best services for outputs related to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of projects ranging from industries to corporate offices, or just about any place that needs a little conditioned environment. We are happy to be serving you in the following services:
  • HVAC system design
  • HVAC shop drawings
  • HVAC Load Calculations
  • HVAC Duct Layout
CAD Engineering Design Service, CAD Design and Engineering Services


We assure you that a qualified and well versed team gives you with the best of our services in the following:
  • Plumbing design
  • 2D drafting
  • 3D Modeling and coordinated drawings
  • Plumbing shop drawings
  • Water System Designs
  • Water Drainage System
  • Waste Water Management
CAD Engineering Design Service, CAD Design and Engineering Services


We assure you that a qualified and well versed team gives you with the best of our services in the following:
  • Electrical Panel design
  • Electrical 2D drafting

CAD Services

Architecture Drafting

Cad Outsourcing provides cost effective, accurate and high quality Architectural 2D drafting services. Our eye for precision has eased the way to achieve our aim of Customer Satisfaction and has resulted in ongoing work from our clients. We follow the process which is based on flexible, prompt delivery and professional approach.

Architectural 3D

CAD Outsourcing assists in transferring your perceptions in to reality by offering Architectural Modeling and Rendering services. Cad Outsourcing services Pvt Ltd is the gateway to Architecture around the world and across history of compellation of numbers of projects in 3D building models, Architectural 3D models, etc.

Architectural Animation and Walkthrough

CAD Outsourcing assists their clients in effective marketing of their building services or product by providing high quality and photo-realistic Animation and Walkthrough services. Architectural Animation and Walkthrough expedites the sales process through this virtual interaction. One can vividly imagine the finished building and sell it before it has even been built.

Structural Design

Cad Outsourcing services provides sound, cost effective and wide range if structural design services. Our apparent and participative surrounding working place enables us to handle most comprehensive structural design projects. Our team of engineers and draftsman can also work ad per international standard or as per the client standard.

Structural Drafting

CAD Outsourcing has a wide variety of Structural Drafting Services. Structural Drafting is a vital method to determine the essential details of different stages of building construction. Our Structural Drafting offers design guidelines, measurements, and calculations. The undertaken projects are finished with details with adding or removing the necessary units.

Structural Detailing

Cad outsourcing has expertise team of engineers and draftsman which provide the structural detailing services like steel detailing, Rebar detailing, pre-stressed detailing, Post stressed detailing, Framing details, bar bending schedule.

Structural 3D Modeling

Cad outsourcing provides Structural 3D Drafting services in different views and perspectives, dimensions, scale, material list, detailing and as per the client requirement. Our qualified team of draftsman and mechanical technician provides you mechanical drafting and mechanical designing services.

Mechanical Drafting

Mechanical Drafting deals with technical drafting and CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) that focuses on the layout of machine and their components as used by engineers. Our team of potential engineers and technicians are well-versed with intricacies of Mechanical Drafting and handle every size of projects spans from mega to small improvisation.

Mechanical 3D Modeling

CAD Outsourcing provides mechanical 3D modeling needs of Mechanical design sector globally. We have talented and experienced team of designers, drafters and engineers for mechanical 3D model services. We use the latest standards and techniques in 3D modeling to develop your mechanical model as per your require.

Electrical Drafting

Now you can implement your electrical device Electrical diagram into computerize generated view by outsourcing your projects to Cad Outsourcing Services Pvt Ltd

Scan to BIM

Our Scan to BIM can enable the clients to create and validate a model from the point cloud. CAD Outsourcing has a niche market of Scan to BIM that allows our valuable customers to experience the innovation and top-notch quality as designed by our team of engineers. Our professional Scan to BIM services utilizes the latest technology that leads to sophisticated and efficient model.

Point Cloud to BIM

CAD Outsourcing offers a strong and grabs worthy Point Cloud to BIM. Our Point Cloud to BIM includes the tracing and surface reconstruction and 3D Model Development. We offer diverse services at affordable rates and appeal of quality. The cutting edge technology is USP that makes us stand out from our contemporaries.


CAD Outsourcing offers a wide range of Cladding Service across the industry. We are specialized in design in commercial, industrial and residential roofing cladding and associated products. We are proud to offer a wide and comprehensive range of services that are produced to meet the expectations of clients. We are a trusted name in Cladding industry which holds the record of delivering a first class service.