Structural Engineering Services

Cad outsourcing provide structural service globally. We provide solutions to structural engineers, architects, builders and industrialists and undertake prime contracts on an economical scale with a professional approach. While doing so we ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our solutions. We make every effort to provide high quality and uniform service to our clients. Satisfying the needs of our clients is our prime concern. Our aim is to achieve highest safety with reasonable economy through professional, rational, and detailed approach to the various Structural Engineering services .

Structural engineering consultants who are very much experienced and also very knowledgeable offer you with their excellent solutions for Structural cad drafting , Structural design, Structural Detailing, structural 3D model . Consulting structural engineers of our company is done for the proper execution of your project work. Once we know their exact needs our drawing/design team will come up with right solutions. We approach each project as a challenge and execute the work to the full satisfaction of our clients. In order to control project costs, all project works are evaluated periodically so that unnecessary expenditures are eliminated to the satisfaction of the owner, developer or contractor ctor

Our experts while designing the project keep in mind the project cost as well as the durability and the safety of the project. Our structural designs are functional, economic and safe for use. We create two types of structures - Reinforced Concrete Structures (RCC) and Steel Structures . While designing the structure we take into consideration the flow of forces. Our structural engineers will also inspect, analyze, design, plan and research structural systems. While designing the structure they take into account mainly the technical, economic and environmental concerns. It is the structural engineers who design buildings towers and bridges. They make sure that the buildings and bridges are strong enough to withstand structural loads such as gravity, different types of climate, earthquake etc. They study the durability of the materials used in the construction against possible deterioration in the long run.

Our structural engineering support services include structural engineering , MEP, CAD outsourcing services , structural analysis design and structural steel detailing , reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel and composite structures. Our engineering team provides solutions for complete project engineering and management. We have developed our expertise meeting the growing demand of our customers. Our expertise include project management, feasibility and value engineering studies, needs assessment, RFP development, life cycle cost analysis, development of technical system and equipment specifications, site selection, operations and maintenance planning, test and acceptance criteria, acquisition support and staff augmentation.

Our experts have knowledge of building materials, know how different types of soil beneath the foundations behave in adverse conditions, they have also knowledge of civil engineering, knowledge of relevant legislation such as the Resource Management Act, local laws and town planning regulations etc. analyze and interpret the requirements of the clients, plans and designs, problem solving skills, communication skills, computer skills such as computer-aided design (CAD) software etc.

Structural Engineering Outsourcing Services mainly involves 2D Drafting and Designing , 3D Modeling, CAD steel detailing services and Steel Structure Detailing. Cad outsourcing is one of the top companies in Alabama offering you all these services at very cost effective rates. Some of the other detailed services provided by us are CAD conversion , Paper to CAD, analysis services, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, construction drawings, erection layout, anchor bolt layout, stairs and handrail, grating and platform, foundation layout, R.C.C detailing , post tension slab detailing, wooden structure detailing, prefabricated structure detailing, water retaining structure detailing, bridge detailing, R.C.C structure detailing, hydraulic structure detailing and the list goes on. Every minute detail is well taken care of by our expert team.
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