Why AutoCAD, Revit and STAAD Pro Softwares are the First Choices of Civil Engineers?

Civil Engineering is a huge field that comprises different types of branches. Civil Engineering Services encompass the planning, design, and building of infrastructures such as commercial and residential buildings, roads, bridges, railways, dams, sewers, and sewage treatment, landscaping, urban planning, town planning, parks, Structural Engineering Services and much more. These all come under Infrastructure, transportation, water distribution system, environmental infrastructures, industrial infrastructure, etc. These services would require people with skills and they would also require the help of the latest tools and technologies for accurate results.

Civil Engineers are themselves, designers. They work upon their imaginative ideas to become reality by planning, designing and creating. Hand-drawn designs are still used in Civil engineering work, but in today’s era of modern technologies, one should use the latest software and tools to get perfect designs. Today, without the use of software, no construction work is possible. As a result of the technological revolution, the number of software applications supporting Civil Engineering needs has exploded. Many software companies have developed necessary tools for Structural and Civil Engineering Services. Though this is of huge help, there is often confusion about which tool or software to use and which is best. By having so many options around, it sometimes becomes tedious to choose. At this time, we should use standard tools or software with the latest technology that can be used for more than one purpose.

There are many tools available in the market like AutoCAD, STAAD Pro, Primavera, Revit, ETABS, MS Project, MATHCAD, ArcGIS, 3D’s Max, MX Road, EPANET etc. Even though there are numerous sub-disciplines such as Transportation Engineering, Structural Design, Surveying, Geo-tech Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Construction Planning, the three software listed below are the standard software utilized in practically every aspect.

In this article, we will discuss why AutoCAD, Revit and STAAD Pro software are the first choices of Civil engineers.

AutoCAD, Revit, and STAAD Pro can be called standard tools for Civil Engineering Services because they can be used for more than one purpose. These three are very popular choices. Let us learn each one of them in brief :

1. AutoCAD : AutoCAD is software developed by the AutoDesk Company. CAD software and CAD Services are used for CAD Drawings, CAD Designs and CAD Drafting. The complete name of CADD is Computer-Aided design and drafting. CAD Services is a technology that is utilized in the design and documentation of technical documents.

AutoCAD is simple to learn since it includes a user-friendly interface, commands, and viewports and CAD software are provided for free to students via a student account.

The CAD software program is used for drafting and designing. It permits manufacturing sector users to conceptualize their plans, product designs, and drawings to the necessary level of technical precision, as well as to perform Rapid design calculations and simulations. It is used for 2D modelling services. CAD drafting automates the drafting process and eliminates the need for manual labour.

CAD Outsourcing Services can aid in the creation of construction documentation, the exploration of design ideas, the visualization of concepts through photorealistic renderings, and the simulation of how a design functions in the real World.

2. Revit : Architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers, and contractors use Revit BIM software. One of the most broadly used BIM programs is Revit. Revit, one of the few digital design software systems built expressly for BIM, has aided many businesses in making the tough move. Through an educational license, Revit is also offered for free in a limited form for students, teachers, and educational institutions.

Revit is designed for larger, more sophisticated infrastructure projects. Revit is a 3D design and modelling program. Revit is used to federate project outputs and organize all data inputs including CAD. Both systems are frequently utilized inside the same company, with BIM and CAD Experts working on distinct aspects of a project.

3. STAAD Pro : STAAD, sometimes known as (STAAD Pro), is a structural analysis and design software program created by Research Engineers International in 1997. STAAD Pro V8i is the most recent version of this software, featuring new and improved functionality. STAAD Pro can help civil engineers for improving the structure, section, and dimensions of their designs. Almost any known structural element can be designed with STAAD Pro.

STAAD Pro is a popular software program for analyzing and designing bridges, towers, buildings, transit, industrial, and utility structures. STAAD Pro provides precise findings when measuring shear force and bending moment. STAAD Pro eliminates the need for manual calculations, hence saving time and increasing efficiency.

Hence understanding all three software in detail, we have come to know their uses and advantages. STAAD Pro is used to analyses and designs the structural plan, while AutoCAD is utilized to create architectural plans. AutoCAD is slower compared to Revit. Revit makes drawing and presenting floor plans on paper far easier than any other architectural design program currently available. It's also the ideal tool for creating architectural illustrations. Cloud computing capabilities are available in the latest versions of AutoCAD and Revit, where critical project files are stored in a web database. This increases productivity while removing the headache of handling several file versions.


The above article presents a clear picture that people in Civil engineering and architectural fields can use AutoCAD, Revit, and STAAD Pro as key design tools. These three tools can cover almost every aspect or purpose of the construction work. AutoCAD is a very primary tool that must be used for civil engineering services, Revit for structural engineering services or BIM Outsourcing services, and STAAD Pro for Architectural CAD Services or CAD Design Services. These three software will minimize the requirements of any other tool, hence there would be cost and time saving. Thus we can say that AutoCAD, Revit and STAAD Pro are the first choices of civil engineers for Civil Engineering Services, Structural Engineering Services, BIM Outsourcing Services and Architectural CAD Services.
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