The Rise of the MEP Subcontractor: 4 Steps to Embrace the Industrialized Construction Revolution

Welcome to the universe of digitization where we have seen enormous transformation and growth in the construction and development sector. It is a fact that the knowledge and experience of an MEP subcontractor hold, considering that the result of the project outcome is as per the modern trend and demand of the market.

The blog today we are sharing will deliver the set of information that is driving the industrialized construction sector towards a new height and ecosystem. Having said this let us have a small introduction or an understanding of is MEP Engineering Services or MEP engineering services all about.

Introduction to MEP Services :

The term MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services. In easy and accurate terms if need to describe the service, then it is said that the lifeline of the buildings or the constructed model is proper and accurate integration of MEPF services. The term F means - Fire Fighting Services. Since there is an importance in the service, it is necessary that the MEP design and MEP shop drawings are created with utmost care and precision.

Now let us proceed further and check for prime reasons and the role of MEP Subcontractors that is considered as the rise for the construction industry and how it is helping the work to be completed with detailed update and completion altogether at one place.

Why a need for Industrialized Construction, and Why for now? :

The term industrialized construction and prefabrication are no more new as well as difficult process of service in the industry. But the requirement for the same is developing day-by-day. This is only because of the pressure that is being built and heading towards greater adoption. As per the prediction made by the duo McKinsey and the UK’s Construction Innovation Hub, it is estimated that there will be tentatively 30% of the shift towards adopting prefabrication from the traditional contracting and that is towards the value of the pool and service both.

With the continuous demand for the work, it is clearly seen that there are external pressures that are demanding prefabrication. Not only this it is also pertaining to some other global proof points that have made the entire adoption of prefabrication products successful and along with that, but it is also lowering the barriers too. Thus, this is been clearly observed that the sub-contractors are recognizing the worth and value of the service and along with that are driving the agenda too. When saying this it is more specifically for MEP contractors and MEP services providers.

MEP : The pathfinders of subcontractor prefabrication

This is a fact that there is a drastic change as well as a global shift towards the implementation and integration of these new forms of services and processes. But is also a fact, the initial step was taken by MEP Subcontractors who have been understanding the market trends and are furnishing their approaches in delivering data-driven and result-oriented prefabrication services much faster as compared to other services.

The current model that is being undertaken by MEP Outsourcing companies is very much similar to the manufacturing business. The core focus and view is to have accurate and correct historical project data and the right set of information that is turning out to be a booming era of the entire construction industry. Also, the MEP Service Provider will be executing the work properly and in a controlled method and built-in environment that will, in the end, improve the overall productivity, overcome the labor costs and their expenses, and most effectively will increase the predictability of cost and schedule.

Moving ahead in the process of undertaking or Outsourcing MEPF Services has in all led the industrialized construction one of the biggest truth as well as the reality. Without having MEP consultant service the entire construction project is of no use.

The leading service or the process that MEP subcontractors consider is DfMA and prefabrication adoption. While proceeding further with the concept of industrialized construction, as an MEP service provider or an MEP Consultant there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration and this is because it has great potential for the service.

This will, therefore, accelerate the growth and this will turn out to be a quite fruitful revolution and method. Well, with this said, mentioned below are the four essential stages or suggestions that will give one of the most useful and impactful results that are entirely considered towards the adoption of the service.

Shifting or changing the mindset to have the outcome project-based :

One of the biggest concern that is considered as the biggest matter of concern is that the mindset of the stakeholders of the project who demand "project-based” implementation of industrialized construction principles and that too with full 100% success ratio. The common set of mentality which is "one-off" makes the optimization of the work almost impossible and this, therefore, result in a difficult situation so as to collect the data which is meaningful and that results in the work that is as per the expectations of the client as well the demand for the ongoing market. But with the option of outsourcing the work with the leading consultant, the client can rest assured that the work is in the right hands.

But let it take it on the other side and think from a subcontractors’ point of view. Being an MEP subcontractor, they indeed need to shift their mindset towards a "product-led” or "product-based" approach to delivering the work. Well, this will only be possible when there is an adherence to a standard protocol and the set of products that can be considered on the majority of the projects. By taking into consideration the standard protocol, the team of subcontractors will be able to create and implement a tried-and-true approach that is very well required for the prefabrication work. Not only this it will also increase the predictability and safety across that is available for every project, along with the approach of reducing the cost and production value.

Focus on the work that is entirely within the systems

It is a process in which once the decision is made to switch or shift their work on a "product-led" mindset, the very first thing that needs to be understood is that what the service is all about and what it means. Like to say, it is that to have success in any project being an MEP subcontractor it is necessary for them to educate the other person who is in the project and along with that they should be given the basic element and understanding of DfMA principles. The process when followed with the right set of instructions will always rule the outline design which will be as per the expectations and need of the project.

Proper Coordination and Collaboration

When there are proper collaboration and coordination in the work at the early stage with the respective team members there are minimal chances to have the pitfall of miscommunication or taking any decision that is not planned or not been informed. With the use of virtual, digital, and advanced BIM technology there is a 100% chance of having transparency in the work and above all sharing of the data, design, and concepts as to how the work is going operationally. Also, this will be helping the subcontractors to have proper communication and collaboration in one defined way and along with the flow. With having so many options and inputs available it indeed become easy and reliable for having industrialized construction process work smoothly and receive a great amount of success ratio.

Optimize the ongoing work and its orientation

The team who adopts the prefabrication work at an early stage will have consistency in the work and simultaneously understand and highlight the importance of optimization of the stage of work and service. Once the work and the product is been defined, it is the responsibility of a subcontractor to make sure that there is the full-fledged process of improvising the work and along with that drawing on the data that has an analyzed report.

This analyzed report will be given the details of the important aspect of the project that is related to the certainty of cost, BOM, BOQ, and QC for using these prefabricated elements. One thing that needs to be taken care of is to remember that industrialized construction is not only just moving towards the controlled off-site environment but also is taking adapted to the technique and fashion that is ongoing repeatedly.

Final Words :

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