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MEP Shop Drawing Service

HVAC Shop Drawings Services

Our goal is to cater clients with our MEP shop drawings services as per the requirement. We provide the MEP Shop Drawing Services that delivers the best of industry in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP). CAD Outsourcing Consultants offers customized MEP solutions related to drawings that suit the demands and need of our esteemed clients. We provide cost effective and time bounded services related to shop drawings using top-notch technology that helps our customer to stay competitive in the market.


  • MEP Shop Drawing Detailing MEP Shop Drawing

    We have a simple goal- developing superior quality MEP Shop Drawings at cost effective prices. We provide high quality Co-ordinated MEP Shop Drawings includes Duct shop drawings, Piping shop drawings, Pluming shop drawings and Electrical shop drawings etc. Our MEP Shop Drawings have quality appeal and greatly affect the profitability of any project.

  • ductwork coordination drawing Ductwork Shop Drawing

    Our package of Duct Shop Drawing comes with an all necessary information's as technical (duct size and CFM details), duct supports and its relative distance, fixation details, tie in points (i.e. Top of Duct, Bottom of duct, Relative reference dimension from grids, Columns etc.) etc.

  • Electrical 2D Drafting Service Electrical Coordinated Shop Drawing

    CAD Outsourcing provides Electrical Coordinated Shop Drawing services which can be used in fabrication, installation, and materials order. Electric Shop Drawing contains types of conduits, trunking and their fixation details, level of cable tray and set out dimension.

  • fire fighting system drawings Fire Coordinated Shop Drawing

    CAD Outsourcing is competent in handling the fire protection shop drawing in compliance with relative codes. Our team of professionals provides co-ordinated sprinkler/ Hydrant layout, Pump room layout, Smoke extraction layout and Fire alarm systems shop drawings.

  • HVAC 2D CAD Drafting HVAC Coordinated Shop Drawing

    Our HVAC Coordinated Shop Drawings are created and produced to show the information of construction document. The installation details are clearly and precisely generated to get the desired results. HVAC Shop Drawing are generated as per equipment submittal provided by the client. We also provides the enlarged mechanical room's layout with all co-ordinated MEP services to demonstrate the effective space provision.

  • hvac coordinated shop drawing HVAC Duct Fabrication Drawing

    We deliver the high-quality HVAC Duct Fabrication Drawing for various structures in all kind of area of each specified projects within the budget with a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction. HVAC Duct Fabrication Drawing contain Duct Level, Set out Dimension and piece mark of each duct. Separate sheet metal fabrication drawing for each piece mark is generated for precise fabrication in the shop.

  • MEP Engineering Services MEP CAD Drawing

    We have a wide range of experience in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing drawings for MEP Engineering. Our MEP Drawings are created using the latest version of CAD. Our valuable customer will get the high quality with fast turnaround.

  • Piping Shop Drawing Piping Shop Drawing

    Our Plumbing Piping Shop Drawings are created with the goal of effective use ceiling space, better maintenance and easy accessibility. Our Piping Shop Drawings are made with in accordance with latest codes / standards and available pipe joints in the market with documentation of proper tags and annotation.

  • Plumbing coordinated shop drawing Plumbing Coordinated Shop Drawing

    Our Plumbing Coordinated Shop Drawings are produced with the goal of resolve the issues at pre-construction stage to save the time and cost. Our Piping Shop Drawing is beneficial in smooth site fabrication. Plumbing shop drawings are well coordinated with other services to avoid clashes. Plumbing Drainage drawing marks connect slope to gravity pipes to avoid chock up.