Obstacles in Acquiring Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Construction Industry

In Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry, Building Information Modeling is the latest buzz which has attracted many eyeballs for its accuracy and the ability to simplify the bulk of working which is a common struggle in the fragmented industry like construction. It’s a well-known fact that how Building Information Modelling is helpful for every involved member including designers, engineers, project managers, owners and contractors. As much as easy facilitation of Building Information Modeling Architecture and Engineering takes place in building projects at the same frequency obstruction and barriers also rises in the operations of BIM.

Building Information Modeling has its share of challenges that creates the obstruction in embracing the facilities that BIM offers per say BIM Construction Detailing, MEP BIM Services, BIM modelling and the list goes on and on as the services given by BIM are innumerable. But in midst of these great turns, adopting Building Information Modeling is very difficult. There are following hindrance comes between the operation of project and adoption of BIM:

Thus, by overcoming the above-mentioned barriers, the acquisition of BIM can be easy and usage of BIM in the construction industry will increase which leads to accuracy, speediness and clarity on the part of the members of the construction project.

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