How Building Information Modeling (BIM) functions in Construction Projects

Building Information Modeling is the much talked about topic in circles of construction industry. In recent years the demand of BIM has increased by leaps and bounds as Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry has realized the efficiency and accuracy it provides during the building procedure. Slowly and steadily, Building Information Modeling Services has gaining ton of accolades for the longevity of services it’s providing throughout the construction phase that spans from inception of idea to after-completion procedures. In order to understand the steps of execution for different aspect, firstly one need to delve into what exactly BIM is, that also own the capacity to function as a Building Information Modeling Architecture or BIM Construction Cost Estimator and the list goes on and on in the forms it can be used.

Building Information Modeling is a process of designing a building that builds collaboratively that brings into the service of one coherent computer system instead of using separate set of drawings. As already mentioned that it’s a process with the benefits of bringing every component of infrastructure together that allows anyone to access the information from anywhere in the world. The usage of BIM is not only at the construction phase but it is employed throughout the project on different aspect for e.g. realistic illustration that visualizes spaces, systems, products and sequences along with the conflict detection that prevents error at the development stage.

Most of the AEC Companies are adopting Building Information Modeling Services because that gives a lasting impression on the clients and owners with its efficiency and on time services accompanied with accuracy and clarity. BIM is implemented for different aspect at different level that goes as:

Further the BIM process is preceded by various levels of “D” in the following manner :

Conclusively, BIM is spread over the whole construction project from cradle to cradle that have numerous benefits strengthening the Architectural, Engineering and Construction project.

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