How Building Information Modeling (BIM) assists in construction Industry

Building Information Modeling aka BIM has become a new buzzword in Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry that advanced due to the multi- functional aspect and the amount of efficiency and accuracy it showers on the respective users and the project as a whole. BIM has maximum usage in the AEC industry, however, the area of Architectural and Engineering has got its share of Building Information Modeling Services but with the combination of both, construction Industry has taken the maximum bait. Construction Industry is one of the most imploded fields with multiple expertise. This is where BIM has mostly helped the industry because it forms the coordination and connects the whole platform of construction with each other.

Building Information Modeling is more than a software. It’s altogether a process that runs throughout the project and also performs the Building life cycle Management that continues even after the completion of a building project. Building Information Modeling is in one way a 3d architectural modeling that provides realistic and clear visuals of designs to be executed in the architectural arena. The process of BIM involves the information processing and coordination with data inserted into the model. Each discipline produces its own models and shares it across the project results into the combined view of an entire project. The data of each discipline is added straightaway with the model prescribing materials utilized, functions, size and analogs information. The information set of BIM also includes the documentation that linked with data of each discipline.

Hence, Building Information Modeling has made the facilitation of construction process very easy and effective. Gone are the days when the construction industry was highly dependent on meticulous multi-stage furnishing of drawings and submission of detailing to contractors spans from a conception of designs to completion of construction and goes beyond. But the BIM has saved lots of money and time with its quick processing and quality of clash coordination leads to the avoidance of rework right in the middle of the construction phase. The operation of BIM on construction process is about the making of construction into coherent activity by bringing different elements of the project together. Some of the major contributions of BIM into construction industry are:

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