Building Information Modeling (BIM) -Advantages and Disadvantages

Building Information Modeling has created a lot of buzz from past one decade in Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. Nothing surprising in the acclaims that BIM is getting for a while as it goes beyond the just being a software. BIM is not only limited to a technological step up for the construction industry but it altogether a process that deals with every aspect of construction project in efficient and systematic manner. Registering these great benefits and productive results with the usage of BIM leads to the growing adoption of Building Information Modeling Services. There is no doubt that BIM has many advantages but it is like double-edged swords that also holds its own downsides along with several benefits.

Building Information Modeling aka Architectural BIM Service is a virtual representation of physical entities carried out at the construction site accompanied with the technological integration and roping of information from every discipline involved in the project. Hence, summarizes the whole process of BIM. It is the Building Information Modeling that enabled to create three dimensional commutative computer models that can be helmed like a video game. With this amazing edge of technology Building Information Modeling also share certain pain to work with. Further are the following disadvantages and advantages of BIM.

Disadvantages :

Advantages :

Hence, Building Information Modeling is consisting of both i.e. advantages and disadvantages. But the growing attention and demand is encouraging the positive qualities over the negatives ones for the all-rounder efficiency of BIM.

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