Approach of Building Information Modeling (BIM) from Design to Construction

Building Information Modeling is more than a technology; it’s an innovative approach towards the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry that proceed beyond the completion of the building. As the construction industry is an imploded field divided into certain sections that can be difficult to control and coordinate at times, that’s why the industry is bending more towards the Building Information Modeling Services leading to take out the construction process in one go. Building Information Modeling in other can be also called 3D Architectural Modeling or Architectural BIM Services. It can be mingled with every aspect of construction project for its multi applicable and handling quality.

BIM holds the fixative nature to connect the design with construction. The steps from design to construction is long and hectic with thorough detailing of each and every procedure owning the accuracy and efficiency leads to a strong team of engineers, architects, owners, contractors and project managers. Utilization of BIM starts before the designing phase. Following the approval of BIM, architects take the formulaic model of design in their hand with usage of masses or real elements of BIM. After the completion of formulaic model, the exposition is presented to owner.

In the stage of formulaic model, 4D Building Information Modeling and 5D Building Information Modeling has come in process in the form of scheduling and estimating respectively. While scheduling tracks the allotted time-limit, whereas the estimation of 5D deals with the costing of project. For a proper and strict scheduling, the operation of BIM should be correct right from its inception and scheduling must be modelled keeping in mind the building. As far as BIM estimation is concerned, the parameters of project required to add in the BIM. The phase of scheduling and estimation is important because both are interconnected as the one affect the other. A proper filtration of scheduling helps the BIM model in accurate estimation. Each member of project must have enough information to for estimation including the size, type and various elements of project.

Within the design process, the BIM model is utilized more than for a planning work. It includes Scheduling, elevations, walkthroughs, sections and several coordinating process that results into efficient operation and leads to savior of time and money. In designing phase, there is owner of every part. Owner is primarily the discipline from which the part belongs to. At the time of coordination owners have the major role to play as the monitoring/copying of one element requires the attention of owners because it may have linked to input of other element from different discipline.

After the design, proceeding of construction is ready to begin. Till the initiation of construction, scheduling and estimation is has done already that indicates that materials of construction are purchased already and scheduling has modified to assure the completion within the deadline. Usage of BIM results into less RFI’s and accurate renderings. With the BIM in hand, the connection between design and construction is stronger than the earlier times that’s why users and owners can see an efficient collaborative effort between design and construction.

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