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About CAD Outsourcing

BIM Outsourcing Services

CAD Outsourcing is a leading firm based in India that has successfully paving its way towards the International horizon. The main services that CAD Outsourcing specializes are CAD, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Detailing services with their various specialized area. We combine the quality and affordability with the boon of timely delivery as desired by our valuable client.


  • Architectural Engineering

    Architectural Engineering is composed of designing that deals with drafting part of a structure. It looks after the structural framework, mechanical frameworks and configuration of lightning and electrical part of the structure. Along with the management of designing, Architectural Engineering also pinpoints the issues during the developmental process.

  • Structural Engineering

    Structural Engineering is fairly extended branch of Civil Engineering. It preferably focuses on structures with the accompaniment of great scrutiny on the adaptable aspect of the structures such as atmosphere and their impact on the structures.

  • Building Information Modeling Services Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Building Information Modeling can facilitate the whole model by contributing towards the each part of the construction right from the selection to construction that passes to estimation and observation with the advantage of looking after the structure throughout its life-cycle. Building Information Modeling has empowered the user with boon of clarity and speed.

  • Electrical Engineering Services Electrical Engineering

    The branch of Electrical Engineering is composed of design, expansion, examination, insertion, production, execution, reinforcement and management of the equipment pertaining to electricity along with the plant and frameworks that exist within the electric, electronic and computer system.

  • scan to building information model Green Building

    The Green Building integrates the demarcation, development and functional practices lessens the harmful effects on environment and its residents. Through Green Building, the utilization of assets is carried out proficiently that leads to healthy living for human being in earth.

  • Shop Drawing

    Shop Drawing is an integral part of any construction process. Shop Drawing is the delineation, blueprints, drawing and various information of the structure that is arranged systematically. These outlines are created by wholesaler, supplier, maker, subcontractor and contractual workers, who create a rough draft for supervision and then send for proper materialization.

  • HVAC Duct Fabrication Drawings Plumbing / Piping Engineering

    Plumbing/Piping Engineering deals with the administration of pipe assessment, plumbing evaluation and production plumbing/piping drawings. A proper plumbing /piping system benefits in expansion of piping frameworks and development in piping administrations.

  • MEP contractors Civil Engineering

    One of the classic and frequent fields of engineering is Civil Engineering which is way more categorized and vast field as compare to other field in construction area. It specifically focuses on design, construction and preservation of natural and man-made environment that includes canals, dams, roads, bridges and buildings.

  • Building Information Modeling Services 3D Animation Walkthrough

    3D Animation Walkthrough is the reason through the complex and extraordinary creative vision can turn into a reality. It makes easier to understand the structure. It clears the concept through the realistic visuals of structure that can produce through 3D Animation Walkthrough.

Why CAD Outsourcing

CAD Outsourcing acquires some of the best professionals who believe in giving their best through their hard work, dedication and well-earned knowledge in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. We have got the best packages of 3D tools which provide the clarity and understanding of the given project at its best form. What makes us topping the charts amongst the contemporaries is our prolific accomplishment that unveils our creative vision, technical ability and quality service. More than professional success, we look for the trust that a client can have with their dream and turning their dream into reality is our biggest achievement.

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We keep focused on the leading edge of what makes a difference most in you're world, and keep up close
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