HVAC Engineering Services:

At CAD Outsourcing, the expert and efficient professionals provide independent and equitable service that evaluates the performance of all types of HVAC Systems and guides on overall suitability, design specifications, installation, energy efficiency, ongoing costs etc.

HVAC Duct Fabrication/Shop Drawing:

CAD Outsourcing is providing various core services in the sector of HVAC and one of them is HVAC Duct Fabrication Drawing. HVAC Duck Shop Drawing includes duct mark ups, bottom of Duct (BOD), dimensions from nearest structural or architectural member and bill of material. Ducting is coordinated with roof penetrations, diffuser locations and other services like electrical and plumbing. CAD Outsourcing is staffed with high skilled engineers who are continuously striving to deliver sagacious HVAC Duct Design and Drawings that assists better to Co-ordinate them with other systems and ultimately provides smooth running to a healthy building.

Mechanical Pipe Shop/Fabrication Drawing:

CAD Outsourcing team provides Mechanical Pipe Shop/ Fabrication Drawing inclusive of Mark up, Measurement, Bill of Quantity, Bill of Material and Bill of Payment. We also coordinate Mechanical Drawing with Architectural and Structural Drawing to get clash report for better management. It also includes parts identification (balloons and leader lines) and complex details are included: welding details, material standards, codes, and tolerances, and details about heat/stress treatments.

HVAC Mechanical Room:

Experts from CAD Outsourcing execute the ideal layout for your building structure. We offer standardized HVAC Mechanical Room with equipment selections and scope that are flexible enough to meet exact requirements and specifications of our clientele across the world. Our HVAC Mechanical Rooms are scalable and allow for even more easy expansion and/or relocation if and when the requirement raise, without the interruption of current services.

BIM HVAC Co-ordination Model:

CAD Outsourcing team generates detail HVAC Co-ordination Drawing by maintaining all international standards will help to create precise BIM HVAC Co-ordination Model. BIM HVAC Co-ordination Model provides outcomes like quantity of material to be used; schedule of erection of the model in sequence which will provides perfect cost estimation. The main benefit of BIM HVAC Co-ordination Model is to avoid rework and errors at pre construction stage will ultimately increased cost savings and also provide accurate design by executing Clash Detection to minimize collision between various components and actions at pre construction stage. So the goal to execute BIM HVAC Co-ordination Model is that it ultimately reduces the risk involved with construction process.

HVAC Pipe Drawings:

Our HVAC Engineering Services also executes HVAC Pipe Drawing as per specifications and recommendations provided by clients at very pocket friendly cost. It assists contractors for fast retrieval of information. Creation of HVAC Pipe Drawing gives perfect idea of Size, Situation, symbol legend, general notes, connection to existing system, clashes with other lines etc. Ultimately it enhances the productivity of running construction by controlling financial resources.

HVAC 2D Drafting:

CAD Outsourcing can efficiently deliver HVAC 2D Drafting services with quick turnaround time by satisfying all needs of clients and following international standards.

HVAC 3D Model:

With a talented team and diverse team of Drafters, Modelers and Engineering professionals, CAD Outsourcing provides best practice solutions for HVAC 3D Model to its clients across the globe. It provides great interoperability among HVAC Design, HVAC Construction and Easy going management. Our team also delivers precise, transparent and realistic HVAC 3D Model after studying your building designs thoroughly. It also gives perfect and precise Clash Detection report that will help in risk mitigation.

HVAC Detailing:

CAD Outsourcing is staffed with high skilled professionals who are bound to deliver their best to satisfy the requirements of clients; one of them is HVAC Detailing services. HVAC Detailing provides following information:

  • Duct Levels
  • Duct Layouts
  • Sizes of Duct and Pipes
  • Sections
  • Duct and Pipe Shop Drawings
  • Air Handling Unit Details
  • HVAC Co-ordination Drawing

HVAC Detailing services give better execution of HVAC System while construction stage and also useful to fabricators and erectors as well.

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