How do we start?
NDA (Non Discloser Agreement) is been signed with quotation. Submit your Drawing if to be converted in to CAD with the description. You can send your drawing through email or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) the sheet should be scan at 200 dpi and save as TIF or PDF format. Once the new project is confirm you will receive the e-mail confirmation with TAT (Turn around Time).
Do you provide a free trial?
Yes!! We do provide the free trial offer. We can do free pilot project up to $100. There are no any hidden costs involved.
In what format can the drawings be sent?
You can send drawing in PDF, TIF and DWG. If you scan your drawing scan should be at 200dpi and save as TIF or PDF format.
What drawing standards are followed?
We follow the international standards and as per the client requirement. We are familiar with all international standards like US Standards, British Standards, Australian Standards,,,
How do we communicate?
We normally communicate through email, IM chat, phone and voice chat if it possible.
What kind of turnaround time can be expected?
TAT is being depended upon the work for that we calculate the hours and on those bases we provide the turn around time.
Do you spell-check the drawings?
Yes, why not? We do have quality department to checks all drawing and 3D models before we dispatch.
How do you ensure security of data?
We start work after signing the NDA (Non Discloser Agreement)
How does a US customer work with your team in India?
We also work in rotational shift for the US we work night shift.
Can you provide me with references of existing clients?
For the reference clients you can go through testimonial which we have received from our clients. We can also provide you the reference client.
How do we make payments?
You can make payment through online transfer, Wire transfer, or through an Pay Pal.